Conti Flow Compact

Conti Flow Compact

The Conti Flow product line represents a broad range of precision gear metering systems for a vast of different applications in bonding, sealing, casting and other meter mix processes of liquid to high-viscous single- or multi component materials.

Conti Flow provides controlled and reproducible meter mix performance which ensures a constant production quality.

Standard Features

  • Servo driven precision gear pumps
  • PLC control
  • Intuitive operator panel for easy programming
  • 15 metering programs
  • Inlet-/ Outlet pressure control
  • Smart pressure/volumetric control
  • Alerts in clear text
  • Pot life control


  • empty container warning system
  • potlife monitoring
  • available with many RT - Feeding units


Conti Flow Compact

Length 650 mm
Width 1.220 mm
Height 1.750 mm
Mixing ratio according to volume 100 : 100 - 100 : 3
Output: Material related / approx. 4 cm3/min.- 1.200 cm3/min
Maximum dyn. operating pressure 100 bar
Weight approx. 200 kg