RT Warm Melt 800


RT-WARM MELT 800  High-performance PUR slug melter

The RT-WARM MELT technology has been specifically developed to process high viscous moisture-cure PUR Hotmelt of higher thixotropies. RT-WARM MELT 800 provides an unmatched instantaneous delivery rate due to its special heated grid design paired with its hydraulically driven “press out”-piston system.

The system feature double acting scoop-piston pumps and can principally used to be integrated to any PUR processing line, but is ideal to be used with Reinhardt Technik’s hydraulically or servo-driven Vecdos™ Shotmeter systems. The system can be configured as single or tandem version. The tandem version allows uninterrupted production also in high output processes. The design concept is focussed on easy operation, easy cleaning and easy maintenance. The system works with a much lower temperature range than traditional hotmelt equipment, which allows a better melt-on-demand control and minimizes the thermal stress on the adhesive.

Standard Features

  • Graphical touch-screen provides clear of system status.
  • Intuitive PLC control for all process relevant parameters
  • Stamp & grid design minimizes residual adhesive in the foilbag.
  • Non-stick release coated surfaces and swiveling tank allows easy access and ease of clean-up and maintenance.
  • Quick exchange of foil bags


RT Warm Melt 800

Dimensions: Length x width x height: 1.300 x 1.000 x 2.000 mm (Door width 992 mm)
Maximum output performance: 1.200 gr./ min (depending on material viscosity)
Compressed air connection thread: G 1/2
Compressed air connection: DN 12 (1/2)
Maximum dyn. operating pressure: 300 bar
Max. temperature: 110°C
Electrical connection values: Operating voltage 3x400V+N+PE
Frequency 50 Hz
Power rating (total) 18 KVA (Tandem 33 KVA)
PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Weight: approx. 1.500 kg (Tandem 1.800 kg)