• Digital service on demand

    In difficult times we are doing everything to stay close to our customers and support you the best way possible. Our brand new WAGNER service app brings our industrial service expertise everywhere on the planet directly to you - in real-time!

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  • Up to 8.000 € cost saving

    with our conversion kit Dynamic-Mix 3.0 for a ecostar silicone to a special price. Contact us!

  • ContiFoam ensures quality at reduced costs

    The British manufacturer ASD Lighting PLC has been producing a wide range of lights for various applications since 1983. To keep the promise "delivery in one week", the sealing process is now carried out in-house.

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  • Reinhardt-Technik

    Benefit from our expertise in high performance metering and mixing technology.
    Better Bonding. Better Sealing.

  • Customized Systems

    Reinhardt-Technik provides custom-engineered systems for individual manufacturing solutions.
    Every system is staged and tested prior to delivery.

  • LSR eTwin

    Leading technology for precise 1:1 meter mix supply to LSR injection molding machines.
    LSR eTwin-systems help to maximize material utilization up to 99,5%.

    LSR Processing Products
  • Ecostar evo

    Evolution in design and operator comfort.
    2K piston meter mix system for manual applications. 

    Ecostar evoclass

Welcome to Reinhardt-Technik.
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Your requirements for new solutions drive us to provide innovative products and customized systems for processing liquid to high viscous single or multi-component materials.