Processing and application of adhesives and sealants


Manufacturers of domestic appliances have been faced with many new challenges with new designs and manufacturing methods. New materials, more specifically, new material combinations have been in focus during the latest decades.

Also, due challenging economic conditions in global markets paired with increasing consumer expectations in regard to product quality, functionality and affordable prices have made manufactures to streamline their production and reduce overall costs.

Optimizing assembly methods and minimizing material consumption have proved to be viable paths to reduce manufacturing cost without sacrificing product quality.

Traditional joining methods have been replaced by adhesive bonding. Manual gasketing or sealing of components have been optimized through fully automatic application of adhesive or sealing materials.

Ever increasing demands for higher productivity and quality ask for reliable processing equipment and quality control.

Reinhardt Technik is a preferred supplier of adhesive and sealant processing equipment to the domestic appliance industry.
We offer a broad range of products to process liquid materials in different applications taking the manufacturing environment and local requirements into account. Starting from simple manual applications to complete solutions with fully automated robot cells with integrated process control – plus service and parts availability Reinhardt Technik is a partner to many major adhesive manufacturers helping to optimize processes and find new solutions for the market – for the benefit of our customers.


Bonding of glass ceramic hobs


Bonding & Sealing

Ovens & Microwaves

- Inner- and outer glasses
- Attachment of control panel
- Sealing of backpanels
- Brackets, profiles


Bonding & Sealing

Washing machine & dryers

- Bonding of top panel
- Bonding & sealing of door panels
- Attachment of Insulating elements
- Attachment of counterweights
- Bonding of heat condensator


Bonding & Sealing

Freezer & Refridgerators

- Housing bonding & Sealing
- Isolation foam
- Decor Panel bonding
- Handle attachment


Bonding & Sealing


Automation by Reinhardt-Technik





  • Innovative solutions help to save material, increase productivity and enhance sustainability
  • Robust 1K and 2K processing equipment for reliable operation in demanding production environments
  • Easy handling due to operator friendly and ergonomic design
  • Optimized design and functionally based on close cooperation with material manufacturers
  • Standardized product portfolio provides on the spot service and spare parts availability