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Liquid Silicone Rubber is a material almost everybody has come in touch with nowadays. LSR is found in many products making our life easier and more comfortable like baby pacifiers, shower heads, TV remote controls, diver goggles as well as in many functional textiles.
Even more often it is used in technical products like gaskets, isolators, membranes, technical fabrics, in various medical devices or meanwhile also in “highly transparent” products like lighting components.

The preferred choice to produce LSR products is injection molding, as this process offers the highest levels of automation and the greatest freedom of product design. The injection molding process for Liquid Silicone Rubber is very similar like for thermoplastic polymers.
The main difference is the feeding and mixing of the two component material at ambient temperatures. Ever increasing demands for productivity and quality ask for reliable processing equipment and quality control.

Reinhardt Technik is a preferred supplier of metering and mixing equipment to various industries for decades. Our experience, engineering know-how and service has made us a partner for many injection molders as well as injection molding machinery manufacturers as we understand the requirements and provide the most beneficial solutions:

  • constant quality by providing consistent mixing accuracy
  • reliable production by controlling the relevant process parameters
  • significant cost savings by perfect utilization of the material

- Automatic follower plate dearation - automatic aeration & dearation system - Fast save and clean barrel change

Drum insertion device (drawer)

- Crane load - Only 4 cm to wall required

LSR Conti Mix

Powerful meter mix plant for high volume continous LSR processing.

Injection molding (intermittent)
LSR Coating (continous)


- Patented pump deaeration - Air free material flow - Up to 95% material utilisation

Injection molded parts

Injection molded parts

require highest mixing quality even in lowest shot volumes

Higher volume web-coating applications

Higher volume web-coating applications

are possible with our LSR Conti Mix product line

Leading injection molders

Leading injection molders

rely on Reinhardt-Technik’s metering and mixing expertise and customer service


  • Innovative solutions help to save material, increase productivity and enhance sustainability
  • Robust 1K and 2K processing equipment for reliable operation in demanding production environments
  • Easy handling due to operator friendly and ergonomic design
  • Optimized design and functionally based on close cooperation with material manufacturers
  • Standardized product portfolio provides on the spot service and spare parts availability