Surface Technologies

Surface Technologies

Im many cases quality products need specific surface treatments, either as a finishing,
a protection coating or as a pre-treatment prior to the finishing process.

While Wagner is a leading company for liquid spray and powder finishing systems, it's subsidiary company Reinhardt Technik's expertise is focused on IN-MOLD-COATING TECHNOLOGY

*In-Mold-Coating is a process to provide a paintable class-A surface or even a finish coating on SMC parts (Sheet molded compounds).

A pre-mixed liquid coating is injected into the closed mold directly after the curing process of the matrix resin.
Since the matrix resin is not completely cured, the injected coating builds a diffused layer.

Reinhardt Technik is a leading manufacturer of process and injection systems for IMC-processes.
Many leading vehicle manufacturers, Automotive OEMS and Tier1 suppliers rely on IMC processing equipment by Reinhardt Technik.

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