Dynamic-Mix 3.0

Dynamic-Mix 3.0

Dynamic mixer with disposable mixing chamber and two component swivel joint for integration into manual sealing plants.

Savings of operating expenses up to 15.000€ per year through:

  • Freezer or solvent flushing pump no longer required
  • No more loss of material through purging processes
  • Saving of costs for disposal of waste material
  • No more necessity for cleaning of Z-swivel joint
  • No complementary purchase of trompet mixer required
  • Less wear of the plant by lowering the pressure level to approximately 120 bar





Dynamic Mix 3.0

Length 700 mm
Width 80 mm
Height 100 mm
Admissive operating pressure 200 bar
Output 450 - 1000 ccm/min
Air pressure 6 bar
Weight approx. 4150 g