Ecostar evoplus

Ecostar evoplus

For processing of additional booster / accelerator materials.
Comes with comfortable Ultra Mix Plus handgun.

The new Ecostar evo series of manual two-component metering and mixing plants provide a set of new features and improvements while still coming with the proven and reliable core components of the well-known Ecostar line.

The new boom features a higher flexibility in the workspace, optionally by enabling movements in two planes.

The new mixing unit requires less maintenance or cleaning. Moreover, maintenance of the mixing unit is even easier now as the boom can be lowered easily.

The floor space requirements of the Ecostar evo has been significantly reduced which makes it one of the most compact designs in the market.

The new Ecostar evo helps to reduce the overall manufacturing cost by increasing work efficiency through compactness, enhanced popularity with workers as well as reduced maintenance and space requirements.

Standard Features

  • Adjustable mixing ratios
  • Optimal platen design for lowest drum residues
  • Proven RT pump sealing system for minimum maintenance
  • Encapsulated design for higher operator safety and lowest noise
  • Flexible Boom design, optionally with new manipulator
  • New AlphaMix, optimized for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • 200l drum garage for ergonomic exchange
  • Drum low/empty warnings for A&B component
  • Pot life and mixer service life adjustable


  • Manipulator for comfortable operation
  • Heated version for component A
  • Cartridge filler device
  • 200L Drum feeder for component B (PU)
  • Various boom and hose extensions


Ecostar evoplus

Length 1.250 mm
Width 969 mm
Height 1.890 mm
Mixing ratio according to volume 6:1 - 14:1
Output: Material related / approx. 1.800 - 1.960 cm3/min 2.500 g/min (Polysulfide)
Maximum dyn. operating pressure 300 bar
Connected loads electrical 3x 400 V + N + PE
Frequency 50 Hz
Power rating (total) 3,8 kW
Weight approx. 590 kg