The new eMotionMix is a very versatile dynamic mixing system for the use in bonding, sealing as well as in casting/encapsulation applications.

The mixing chamber is of modular design, so that a range of smaller volumes up to more than 1Liter/ min are possible.

The mixer geometry has been optimized to ensure high quality mixing results while keeping shear-heat in the material at a minimum.
Also, the mixer can be cleaned without residues with minimum use of cleaning agents.

Through is alternative sealing concepts, eMotionMix can process from low-viscous casting materials to higher viscous sealants.

eMotionMix is ideal for use of materials with extreme mixing ratios or extreme  eviations in viscosities.



Standard Features


Powerful servo drive:

  • controlled constant rpm provide constant homogenization qualities in sensitive applications


Alternative seal packing:

  • optimized for different materials
  • optional with blocking liquid
  • longer service life


Up to 4 valves:

  • optimized for different materials


Modular mixing chamber:

  • adaptable for different sizes – different flow rates
  • “easy-clean”-concept



Chamber size 5ccm 7,5ccm 10ccm
Mixer speed [rpm] < 3000 < 3000 < 3000
Max. output performance [ccm/min] 50 - 500 100 - 750 200 - 1000