LSR Conti Mix 200

LSR Conti Mix 200

The high-performance plant for processing large volumes of liquid silicone rubber

Flexible and powerful two component metering and mixing of LSR

  • for bigger molds
  • for continuous applications


  • Max. output volume 6 l/min depending on viscosity
  • Selectable and variable output
  • No plant modification required to adapt it to different volumes
  • Stored program conotrol for storage of own dosing programs


  • dosing of up to two additives (colours): Tandem-feeding units
  • individual component preheating unit


LSR Conti Mix 200

Length Feeding unit 1.070 mm
Width Feeding unit 720 mm
Height Feeding unit 3.500 mm
Length Dosing unit 1.560 mm
Width Dosing unit 800 mm
Height Dosing unit 1.755 mm
Mixing ratio according to volume 1 : 1 – 2,7 : 1
Connected loads electrical 3x 400 V + N + PE
Output 6 l/min