LSR eTwin 20

LSR eTwin 20

LSR eTwin provides simultaneous drum unloading with a material utilization rate of up to 99.5%

The LSR eTwin represent the latest generation of 1:1 mixing and metering plants for Liquid Silicone Rubber. Constatly increasing demands for smaller shot sizes, higher productivity and quality require reliable processing equipment and an appropriate quality control. By working closely with our business partners, such as injection molding machine manufacturers as well as material manufacturers and processors, we can convince with following characteristics:

  • Great level of operator comfort
  • ƒƒHigher efficiency
  • ƒƒSignificant cost savings

Your benefits

    • Material savings & increased efficiency: Approx. 50% material savings compared to other electrical driven pumps, thanks to optimized follower plate incl. automatic de-aeration and optional pneumatic drum support. Simultaneous drum emptying possible. Roll-in device and drum locks for easy drum change, optional airtract automatic pump de-aeration.
    • ƒƒHigh productivity & quality: addControl - Additive metering control unit meters and controls exact color amount.
    • ƒƒIndustry 4.0 ready: Flexible and future-oriented OPC-UA interface to provide all process data in a standardized format.
    • ƒƒComfortable operation & high process reliability: Intuitive controls and direct visibility of the process status.
    • ƒƒEnergy savings: Servo-driven scoop-piston pumps save up to 80% energy compared to air-driven pumps.
    • ƒƒSmall footprint: Compact design, easily moveable with forklift or hand truck.


  • ƒDosing of one or two additives / colours
  • New adjustable valve for colour dosing
  • ƒƒaddControl - Additive metering control system for one colour
  • ƒƒSpecial voltage upon request
  • ƒƒProcessing unit with static mixer in different sizes
  • ƒƒCooling for mixing unit


LSR eTwin 20

Length 800 mm
Width 750 mm
Height 1.900 mm
Mixing ratio according to volume 1:1
Maximum dyn. operating pressure 200 bar
Connected loads electrical 3x 400 V + N + PE
Frequency 50 Hz
Power rating (total) 3,5 kW
Weight approx. 200 kg