Visco Star 20 plus

Visco Star 20 plus

The Visco Star series was specially designed for economic processing of single component polyurethane. Main focus is clearly set on a user friendly operation.

While the machine provides high and variable output performance, it convinces with its remarkable low energy consumption. As an option the machine can be connected to an automatic application facility.
Due to ever shorter production processes in the container-, superstructure and rail vehicle industries the need for fast curing adhesives becomes more and more evident.

In order to meet customers requirement, Reinhardt-Technik has developed the PLUS-technology which makes it possible to mix humidity into the main component (polyurethane or modified hydrosilicones) with the help of a booster material ( 1-3%). Consequently the curing process becomes much faster and, therefore, shorter cycle times can be achieved. According to the type of machine feeding is effected either out of foil bags or 20l hobbocks.

Standard Features

  • provides highest operator compfort & cost savings
  • compact and modular design
  • pneumatic lines are protected
  • mobile version with hose support
  • distance sensor for booster dosing-contactless and wearless
  • low-wear 6 mm valve with stepless adjustable stroke
  • PLC with somfortable operator panel

           - coloured touch panel
           - two hand constrol for safe drum change
           - alert indication in plain text


  • heated material hoses
  • swivel arm with balancer
  • non-contact booster control-wearless
  • crane hook


Visco Star 20 plus

Length 930 mm
Width 700 mm
Height 2.100 mm
Pressure transmission ratio 52 : 1 – 100 : 1
Output 1.500 cm3/min
Maximum dyn. operating pressure 300 / 400 bar
Weight 250 - 300 kg