Visco Star 200

Visco Star 200

The Visco Star series was specially designed for economic processing of single component polyurethane.

Main focus is clearly set on a user friendly operation.

While the machine provides high and variable output performance, it convinces with its remarkable low energy consumption. As an option the machine can be connected to an automatic application facility.


  • 20l follower plating for higher flexibility
  • Flow Boost valve for up to 50% higher performance
  • Automatic material discharge valve
  • Material pressure control valve
  • Material feeding through several extrusion guns
  • Electrical heating system for material hoses
  • Pressure ratio 84:1 to 100:1


Visco Star 200

Length 800 mm
Width 1.000 mm
Height 3.300 mm
Pressure ratio 52:1
Maximum output performance 1.750 cm3/min
Admissive working pressure 400 bar
Weight approx. 350 kg