Electronics is not always visible to us but does its job reliably in countless products which can be found everywhere in our daily life. Some products are used in wet, dusty or other harsh conditions or are just sensitive in their general functionality like e.g. medical products.

Electronics in medical devices are subject to extreme requirements in regard to quality and reliability. Failures are not acceptable at all.

In order to ensure a reliable functionality of such electronic products, the electronic components need to be protected from external influences by encapsulation.

Casting or potting is the preferred method to encapsulate electrical components like wound spools, sensors, connectors, PCBs, LEDs and many more. Casting resins like silicones, polyurethanes or epoxies are precisely metered into a component to fill the complete housing or applied onto the surface.The cured material protect the electronic components from moisture, dust, or even dirt and shocks. Depending on the formulation, casting material is even used to improve the electrical properties like e.g. conductivity or heat dissipation.

Quality and process reliability are key-aspects for any encapsulation process. The material need to be metered in the right quantity, in the right position and in time – with repeatable accuracy. Ever increasing demands for higher productivity and quality ask for reliable processing equipment and quality control.

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  • Innovative solutions help to save material, increase productivity and enhance sustainability
  • Robust 1K and 2K processing equipment for reliable operation in demanding production environments
  • Easy handling due to operator friendly and ergonomic design
  • Optimized design and functionally based on close cooperation with material manufacturers
  • Standardized product portfolio provides on the spot service and spare parts availability