ASD Lighting PLC - ContiFoam ensures quality at reduced costs

The British manufacturer ASD Lighting PLC has been producing a wide range of lights for various applications since 1983. To keep the promise "delivery in one week", the sealing process is now carried out in-house. The high-precision ContiFoam foam dosing technology from Reinhardt-Technik selected for this purpose ensures high production quality at reduced costs.

The customer challenge

Around 250 employees at ASD Lighting in Rotherham UK manufacture all types of luminaires with a high level of technical expertise. Until recently, one of the few externally contracted jobs was sealing the luminaires to IP65 standard. "This production step was carried out by a supplier 300 km away. The large, powder-coated die-cast aluminium parts had to be packed in a complex way, which resulted in high costs and frequent delivery problems", explains project engineer David Butler. In order to implement the philosophy "delivery within one week after order", the company invested extensively in in-house production.

The solution

The components are placed in special holders by the operator. A 6-axis robot first carries out the plasma pretreatment and then the exact foam application. The material is conveyed to the foaming unit from a 200 litre delivery container. There it is physically foamed by means of controlled and monitored in-line nitrogen dosing, homogenised and supplied to the dosing and outlet unit. This is mounted on the 6th axis of the robot. For faster curing, the foam is finally wetted by a spray nozzle.

During the application the working area is protected by a light screen. After processing, the operator places the components on a conveyor belt, where at the end the finished foamed components are packed.

The customer experience

Thanks to the innovative and reliable ContiFoam foam dosing technology from Reinhardt-Technik, ASD can safely meet the total processing time of approximately one week between receipt of order and delivery. The metered inline gas injection, the exact pressure control and the uniform temperature control of the ContiFoam system from Reinhardt-Technik offer highest process reliability and achieve qualitatively excellent results. The mechanical coupling of the volumetric gear metering with the outlet valve results in high metering accuracy and dynamics.

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