Bonding & Sealing

Bonding & Sealing

Joined materials - metals, glass, plastics and composites can be found everywhere in our world, countless products are made out of them. Bonding technologies have more and more replaced traditional joining processes during recent years, and Reinhardt-Technik has adopted to this trend early.

Every industrial bonding and sealing application ask for a specific adhesive or sealant. Depending on the material combination, the product design and the specified production parameters, it is crucial to choose the right material. However, for an optimal result, also in terms of efficiency and productivity, it is not less important to specify the right system to process and apply the material on right level of precision as required.

Reinhardt Technik is a preferred supplier of adhesive and sealant processing equipment to many industrial markets.

We offer a broad range of products to process liquid materials in different applications taking the manufacturing environment and local requirements into account.

Starting from simple manual applications to complete solutions with fully automated robot cells with integrated process control - plus service and parts availability. Reinhardt Technik is a partner to many major adhesive manufacturers helping to optimize processes and find new solutions for the market - for the benefit of our customers.