Casting & Encapsulation

Casting & Encapsulation

Potting, casting and encapsulation are the preferred processes today to protect or completely seal sensitive products, like e.g. electronics or filter components.

The function or reason of a casted or encapsulated product may vary a lot, depending on the nature of product, the final use, etc. Sometimes it is simple protection from dust and moist, sometimes it is an enhencement of functionalities, sometimes it is a formed seal.

Similar like in bonding and sealing applications, the materials are specifically designed to meet the final requirements of the product. Casting resins like silicones, polyurethanes or epoxies are precisely metered into a component to fill the complete housing or applied onto the surface.

Quality and process reliability are key-aspects for any encapsulation process. The material need to be metered in the right quantity, in the right position and in time - with repeatable accuracy.

Ever increasing demands for higher productivity and quality ask for reliable processing equipment and quality control.

Reinhardt Technik is a preferred supplier of metering and mixing technology to many industries. We offer a broad range of products to process liquid multi-component materials for casting and encapsulation applications taking the manufacturing environment and local requirements into account.  Starting from simple manual applications to complete solutions with fully automated robot cells with integrated process control - plus service and parts availability.

Reinhardt Technik is a partner to many major material manufacturers helping to optimize processes and find new solutions for the market - for the benefit of our customers.