Liquid Silicone Rubber is the material of choice when it comes to high quality products in terms of flexibility,
temperature resistance, low compression set, stability of properties and compatibility with human body (specific for medical products).

LSR is typically processed in liquid injection molding (LIM) processes.
Next to the material properties, using LSR in LIM applications feature following advantages:

  • LSR molding cycle time is significantly lower than other methods
  • LSR molding materials are precicely mixed in a closed system preventing contamination

Reinhardt Technik's product lines of LSR metering and mixing equipment is ideal to help LSR manufacturers to improve their production in terms of reliability, reproducibility and productivity.

The LSR eTwin product feature top-notch features to provide a maximized material utilization rate of more than 99,5% while providing a constant mixing quality at the same time to ensure a reliable and reproducible process.

Our experience, engineering know-how and service has made us a partner for many injection molders
as well as injection molding machinery manufacturers as we understand the requirements and provide the most beneficial solutions:

  • constant quality by providing consistent mixing accuracy
  • Reliable production by controlling the relevant process parameters.
  • Significant cost savings by perfect utilization of the material

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